The Whiteboard is the way to annotate documents and share ideas with your audience.

To access an in-meeting whiteboard – click the  button. 

Speakers have a set of whiteboard tools for annotating the document. You will see these on the right-hand side of the Content Viewer window. If you hover over each of these tools, you will see a pop-over that tells you what each item is. Let's go over each of those tools here:


  1. Whiteboard access button. 
  2. Marker and Pen: use these tools if you want to annotate the document with freestyle pen or marker tools. The marker tool has broader strokes than the pen tool. 
  3. Brush tool: freestyle brush strokes.
  4. Eraser tool: you can use this one to erase already drawn whiteboard elements.
  5. Line tool: helps you draw straight lines onto the document. 
  6. Shapes tool: you can do circles, ovals, or rectangles with smooth borders or not. 
  7. Text tool: to annotate the document with text.
  8. Select tool: select any existing whiteboard elements to move/resize or even rotate them.
  9. Color picker: this tool is used to select a color of your preference to use the marker, pen, or brush tool. Depending on the tool selected, you can also set the fill color.
  10. Remove: clears the document of ALL whiteboard elements.
  11. Switcher: helps you move through different whiteboards. 
  12. Zoom in or zoom out.
  13. Additional icons:
Fits the image to the screen
Full-screen button
  Minimizes the whiteboard
  Closes the whiteboard

Caution: once you close the whiteboard, anything you've annotated won't be saved and can't be recovered later.