Can I use a webhook to check recording and user status?

Yes, you can definitely use a webhook to check recording and user status in Digital Samba. A webhook is a tool that pushes data from an application to another endpoint. We have introduced a feature that will allow you to receive notifications about your users and session recording statuses by using webhooks.

Note: This function is an OEM-only feature.

With this feature, you can decide between using no authentication or basic authentication for web server endpoints. 

Note: Deciding to use a "none" authentication type may bear some security risks. 

Once the webhook endpoints are correctly set up, you can receive two types of notifications:

  • Presence notification: this will send a POST call to your webhook endpoint whenever a user logs into a meeting and then leaves the meeting.
    image (1)
  • Recording notification: this sends a similar call once the recording is ready.
    Recording notification-2