Digital Samba supports phone-enabled conferencing.

This allows your meeting audience to dial in over the phone and is especially helpful when–for example–a guest unexpectedly can’t get access to their PC but still wants to attend your meeting.

Note: telephony is only supported on certain subscription plans. If you'd like access to this feature, please reach out to our Sales team. They'd love to help you get started with in-room telephony!

Samba Live features two phone-enabled modes:

  1. Hybrid: users may choose between using the audio on their PC or the dial-in over the phone. The platform connects these two audio sources, so users connecting through either can chat with each other.
  2. Phone only: all users must connect by phone to take part in the audio conference.

Quick tip: if you want to record the session, you need to connect the backend phone connection to record phone audio. If you need help, simply reach out to our support team!