Sharing and unsharing files with speakers

While you can always share files with your meeting participants, you might also wish to share folders and files with other speakers for in-session collaboration. Other speakers can then share these files with all participants or even download them to their own devices. Here's how:

Sharing a folder or file with other speakers

1. Click on the ellipsis found in the menu sidebar to bring up some additional features.

2. Click on the Content Library option. 

3. Direct your mouse to the folder or individual file you'd like to share with other speakers and click on the ellipsis located next to it. 

4. Select the Share button seen in the new pop-up menu. 

Tip: to unshare a folder or file, follow all three steps above and select the unshare option instead. 

You can view all files and folders that have been shared with speakers in the Shared Files section of the Content Library, as seen below. 

Note: the ability to manage media library files is also available via our API.