Other In-Meeting Settings

Other features within the Settings options will let you adjust your Digital Samba experience to fit you and your company's needs.
  • Workspace: as an audience member, you can change the language settings and the number of thumbnails or tiled videos per page. As a speaker, you can enable or disable some features, such as the private chat, shared notes, or forced layout configuration.
  • Video: you can choose the camera you'll use, set the video quality or reduce screen share bandwidth.
  • Audio: you can set the device you'll be using and verify if it's working accurately. 
  • Virtual Background: choose from up to 8 virtual backgrounds for a fun change of scenery during sessions. You can also blur your personal background as an additional option. 
  • Embed Code: this is a code that allows you to stream on your sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, or a landing page. This feature can be accessed by speakers only. Click on the previous links to learn more about streaming services. 
  • Tech Info: it gives you information about your platform version, browser name, browser version, and more.
  • Help and support: this option will redirect you to our support portal.

Tip: don't see your language listed in Workspace Settings? We'd love to ask for your help in getting a translation prepared. Please click here to get in touch!

Enabling shared notes