I'm having issues using Zscaler's VPN services

Zscaler is an enterprise network management platform that markets different tools focused on connectivity and security, including VPNs. If your participants use Zscaler as their company VPN and they're experiencing connection issues, whitelisting would be the most sensible solution. 

Please ensure to inform your attendees that they must whitelist the following when using Zscaler:

  •  *.wbcnf.net: This would allow media server API & datastream connection. If this is blocked, your participants may get an endless loading icon when connecting to a meeting.
  • Media server IPs: These are servers that carry video conferencing traffic. If media server IPs are blocked, people may not see or hear anyone in a meeting.

Note: Visit our System Check page to find samba.live media server IPs. OEM partners can find their media server IPs on their own dedicated system page