Import guest list from CSV

If you already have a list of participants for your meeting, you have the option to import the list instead of adding each participant name-by-name. This can save plenty of time for meetings with a large attendee list.

The list must be uploaded as a .csv file and have the following format:

first_name last_name email role
first_name_of_person1 last_name_of_person2 email@person1 1
first_name_of_person2 last_name_of_person2 email@person2 2
first_name_of_person3 last_name_of_person3 email@person3 3
Please note that in this format role 1 represents speakers, 2 pertains to audience members, while 3 is a custom role where permissions have been granted according to admin preference. Your list can be created in excel or any database platform. Follow the template above and then save it as .csv file.

To make things easy for you, we've created sample .csv documents you can use: 
1. Download a Sample CSV via
2. Download a Sample CSV via Google Drive

To upload a participants list .CSV file:

  1. Go to Advanced options (either when you create a new meeting or edit an existing meeting).
  2. Click on Participants.
  3. At the bottom, click on Browse and then select your .csv file. 
  4. Click Open and then click the red Upload button.
  5. Once you have made changes, remember to save them by clicking on Add to schedule.

Import users via CSV files