How to use and retrieve Recording Bookmarks

Bookmarks allow users to tag important moments in a meeting in real-time while recording, making it easier to find and review the marked times in the saved recordings later.

Bookmark 1

Note: Please send a request to our support team to enable Bookmarks in your Service Plan Settings.

Once Bookmarks are available for use, follow the next steps:

  1. Set up Recording Bookmark permissions for all the attendees.

    Bookmark 2
  2. Start a session and begin recording to see the option to Bookmark. 

    Bookmark 3
  3. Click on Create Bookmark to create any Bookmark you want.

    Bookmark 4
  4. After clicking Create and ending the session, find the recording in your Account Center.

    Bookmark 5
  5. Click on Edit and Bookmarks to download the Bookmarks. 

    Bookmark 6
    Bookmark 7


  6. Once you download the JSON file, you will be able to see three components:

    a. The exact second the Bookmark was created
    b. Content of the Bookmark
    c. Who created it

Note: Bookmarks can also be retrieved via the API.