How does the public chat feature work?

The Conversations pane is where you can interact with your audience–and where they can interact with you and each other throughout the meeting.

To chat with others in your meeting, simply click on the Conversations    button on the left-hand toolbar. You can choose a specific person to chat with (if the private chat feature is enabled) or even address the whole room.

Speakers will see two channels:

  1. Everyone: This is a channel for chatting with everyone at the meeting.
  2. Speakers: This is a private channel for Speakers only.

Audience members will not have access to the Speakers channel.

Other conversations tips:

  • You access a channel by clicking on it.
  • Messages are sent by typing into the text box and pressing the Enter↵ key.
  • Both Speakers and Audience members can do a lot in Conversations–like react to messages with emojis or format text in different styles.
  • Speakers can also clear chat history and both Speakers and Audiences can export chat history (if this permission is enabled).