How to Livestream to Facebook

Livestreaming is available on our PRO PLUS plan level.

1. Start a meeting and click the Livestream icon in Samba Live and select Facebook from the drop-down menu:

2. Go to the Facebook page where you will steam to and click on the live option in the post-box. This will open your streaming options where you can obtain your Live Stream Key:

  • NOTE: Facebook requires you to leave this window open while you stream–do not close this window while your session is active.

3. Paste your copied Live Stream Key into the field in your Samba Live session and click Start Stream. In the bottom left-hand corner of your meeting, you’ll see notifications indicating that you’ve started to stream.

Important: it can take up to 100 seconds for the Facebook interface to receive your stream. 


Returning to your Facebook page, you’ll see your stream is connected and ready to go–click the blue Go Live button in the bottom right of this screen to start live-streaming on your Facebook page. When you’ve finished your stream, hit the red End Live Video button.


Note: remember to end your session on Facebook and then end it on Samba Live.