How to enable the lobby for a meeting

There are two ways to enable the lobby:

  • Before a session: once you have created your meeting, click on "Advanced Options." Select the tab "Access," and then check the option next to "Turn on the Lobby." Don’t forget to hit save or schedule. The lobby will be automatically turned on at the start of the meeting.
  • During the session: if the lobby was not enabled during scheduling, you can turn it on at any time during your session. To do this, click on the participants icon , then click on the lock/unlock icon at the uppermost-right side of the participant’s panel.

Accessing the Lobby

Upon entering the meeting room, click on the Participants icon. A green dot right next to the icon indicates that the lobby is active.

The Participants panel will appear, showing the list of speakers and users waiting in the lobby. Your participants will receive a notification while waiting in the lobby.

Managing who Enters the Room

When the lobby is turned on, all the participants’ names will be listed under the “Users Waiting in the Lobby” section in the Participants panel. From there, you will have the option to Allow users to enter the roomRemove participant, or Allow all users to enter the room.

At any time, you can disable the lobby and allow all participants to enter your meeting. To do this, click on the Lock/Unlock icon at the uppermost right side of the participants panel.