How to choose a default telephony/audio mode: VoIP, Phone only, or Hybrid

When hosting a Digital Samba meeting, you can select the session's audio connection method. This can be:

  • VoIP only: all attendees will communicate using only their browser/computer's audio inputs.
  • Phone only: all attendees will be required to dial into the meeting by phone.
  • Hybrid mode: offer attendees both VoIP and Phone options.

To set a default audio mode for your account, please log into your Digital Samba account and navigate to your Account Settings. Scroll down to the Default Session Audio and select the audio mode you would like to use as a default for all meetings you host:


Choosing a different audio mode for an individual Digital Samba meeting

Should you wish to host a meeting that uses an audio mode that differs from your account's default setting, you'll need to do this when scheduling a meeting.

Click on Advanced Options and navigate the Audio and Video tab. You'll find the following options available: