How to add hosts to a multiple-host account

After making your multiple host purchase, the first step is to set up your host accounts with usernames and passwords within the Digital Samba system.

1. Click here to log in to your admin account.

2. Enter the admin dashboard.

3. The default view for the admin space is Users, where you will be able to see the users that have been assigned to your hosting account, along with the details of their account, such as their role, their username, their service plan, participant limit, expiration date, and whether they’re active or not.

4. To create a new user, click Add User to go to the user creation panel. Here, you can enter details you'd like to add for this user under the Profile tab. The only mandatory fields are first name, last name, and email address.

Tip: you can download your user lists at any time to either a .CSV or Excel format on this screen as well.

5. In the next tab, Account Details, you can enter username and password. You will also want to set their status to active.

6. The “Service Plans” pane shows you what plan you have as well as how many users you have left to assign.

7. Once you’ve filled in the new user’s details and created a username and password for them, click Create User–you will be taken back to the Users panel and will be able to see the host you’ve just added to Digital Samba.

8. If the host you’ve just added is inactive for some reason and you need to reactivate them, click the red Activate from the Users view–you will see a green banner stating that the user is now active.

9. Additionally, if you click on the Dashboard menu option to the left, you can access statistics about your hosts, such as the number of meetings they’ve held and recordings they’ve made over a given period.

Note: You can navigate from the Admin panel back to your Digital Samba account by selecting Account Center from the drop-down menu in the upper right.