Floor Controls with Dial-in Audio Participants

Both phone-only and hybrid audio modes behave in the same way and give speakers a few more in room options to control users who dial in with their phone. When a phone user joins the session, his or her phone number will show in the participant's list.


A note for our OEM customers: phone users can be configured to join the conference as muted or unmuted by default; this is a platform-wide setting. Once the phone user is in the room, a speaker controls what this user can do in the session.

Anyone who joins with a moderator or speaker PIN will be shown in the speakers' list, and those with a participant's pin will join the participant's list. Web-based speakers have the same control over these users regardless of what role they joined the phone bridge.
Quick tip: The available DTMF commands that speaker/audience phone users can use can be found here.
You can Mute/Unmute the connected phone user by clicking on the ... (ellipsis) to the right of the participant's phone number.
mute unmute phone
If the user has joined via his or her browser for video purposes but is on dial-in audio (via phone), you can merge the two "participants" into one user. Merging a phone number with a connected web user means you can more readily identify the caller during the course of your session. This is the merge phone number user UI, and you will see a list of all connected web users in the bottom pane, which you can choose to associate with the phone number.
merge phone number
If needed, you can also split the merged phone user:
split phone number

Quick tip: any in-room speaker will be able to control the "merged user" just like a normal Digital Samba audience member.

        Finally, if needed, you can always
Disconnect the participant. In other words, this is how a speaker can "kick the phone user off" the line, removing him or her from a meeting.
disconnect participant phone