Digital Samba is failing to convert my uploaded file under the 150 MB limit

Using our content library to upload and store files for later use during a Digital Samba meeting is one of our most prominent features. However, you might run into an issue where an uploaded file exceeds the existing size limit of 150 MB at the time of conversion. Digital Samba's converter is tasked with turning content into static images, which may result in the increased size of a file. 
For example, the file itself can be 20 MB, but when uploaded, Digital Samba fails to convert it to images adding less than 150 MB in total.
The following are common file characteristics that may cause increased size after conversion:
  • High-resolution pages
  • Large number of pages
  • Multiple included images
  • Multiple editable layers


The best workarounds for this error are the following:

  • Screensharing the file 
  • Dividing the file into smaller files and uploading them separately

Note: Should you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.