Enabling Custom Roles

Digital Samba has two primary user roles—Speaker and Audience. However, a new custom role labeled Observers has been created for use. As an admin, if you're interested in trying out this new role in your sessions, follow the steps below to enable this new feature: 

1. Once you've logged in to samba.live, click on the Welcome button on the right-hand side of the screen. 

2. Select the Admin option.

3. Search for the user you'd like to enable this feature for. 

4. Click on the user's name and select the Service Plan tab. 

5. Scroll down to the Available Roles section and mark the Custom Role: Observer option. 

6. Scroll down once more and click on Save User

Once you're in a session, you'll see a specified section assigned to your Custom Role in the Participants' Panel. 

Quick tip: you can easily edit your Custom Role name in the Service Plan section based on what access level you'll be giving these participants. We recommend not granting this role Speaker permissions to avoid confusion while in session.