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DS Embedded Team settings

When you login to your DS Embedded account you will see Team section in the left-hand side list. There you can see Developer key and Team ID which are essential for any kind of API calls.



Underneath you will see team members and you will be able to click on "Add members" button:

You will see a token-link which you should send to a team-member you want to register. The link expires in 72 hours.


Team settings

Team settings defines high level settings for in-room features and also branding. Existing rooms will inherit these settings too, but any customized room properties will not be overridden.

You can change language here and can enable/disable that option in room for all users to select.

You can set defaults for audio and video settings and branding options as seen in screenshot:

Once you change anything, remember to scroll down and click on "Update team settings".