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DS embedded: Authenticate your requests

The best way to start working with our API is to import Postman collection from our API docs page:


You can start nice and easy from here.

But how the magic starts: how you authenticate to the platform. We are using Basic Authentication and it should be in the header for every call you make.

For example, here is how you get all your rooms:

curl --request GET \ 

--get "https://api.digitalsamba.com/api/v1/rooms?limit=20&order=asc&after=a853d608-e6cf-48eb-a3c9-7d089bbc09b0" \

--header "Authorization: Bearer base64(teamId:teamDeveloperKey)" \

--header "Content-Type: application/json" \

--header "Accept: application/json"

The first header you see is where you actually Authenticate:

--header "Authorization: Bearer base64(teamId:teamDeveloperKey)"

You can find teamID and teamDeveloperKey in your Account's Team section:

Once you got the values you should encode them via base64 encoding method.

Here is an example on how you can do it:


Once all of this is done, you can explore our API calls that we have in here: