Scheduling a new meeting

You can create and schedule a new meeting in your Account Center in two easy steps:

  1. After logging in, go to your Dashboard and click on New Meeting. You will be able to create a meeting and personalize it quickly and easily.
  2. Once you are finished selecting any options for your meeting, click the red Save button to create the meeting. Once saved, the scheduled Meeting will appear on your Schedule. You can view all scheduled meetings at any time via the link on the left-hand dashboard menu.

Schedule new meeting

Please see the different fields available when scheduling a new meeting below:

  • Mandatory fields for meetings are TopicStart Time, and Duration. These are the minimum required fields to start a meeting.
  • Timezone: your sessions will be scheduled in your account's timezone by default. If the meeting is going to take place in a different timezone, you will be able to change it by clicking the link marked change.
  • Password: this feature is optional. If you would like to secure your meetings, you can generate a password for them. You may either choose your own password, or a password will be created for you by clicking on generate. Once you share your meeting link with participants, please remember that you will also need to give them the meeting's password.
  • Friendly URL: meetings are given a random Session ID by default. If you'd like to use a "friendlier" URL for branding or other reasons, you are able to enter your own text string in this field.
  • Invite participants: if you'd like to e-mail invitations to your participants, you can do so using this feature. Click on Invite Participants and enter each invitee's First Name, Last Name, Email, and Role (Audience, Speaker, or Custom Role). When ready, click Add. They will be added to the corresponding list and sent an invitation once the Meeting is created. Have a large list of invitees? You are able to upload a .csv file with all users. Click here to learn more.