The Conversations panel is where you can interact with other meeting participants

You'll find the Conversations button in your left-hand toolbar. Click here to load the Conversations panel. 

As a speaker or audience member, you can export chat history, react to messages with emojis, use different text styles, edit messages, and share those messages. 


Here, Speakers will see two channels:

  1. Everyone: this is a channel for chatting with everyone in the meeting.
  2. Speakers: this is a private channel for Speakers only.
  • You access a channel by clicking on it.
  • Messages are sent by typing into the text box and pressing the Enter key.

Both Speakers and Audience members can do a lot in Conversations–like react to messages with emojis or format text in different styles.

  • Speakers can also clear chat history, and both Speakers and Audience can export chat history.

      Tip: we recommend exporting the chat history before ending the session. 

      Reminder: audience members will not have access to the Speakers channel.