Connecting and playing audio from websites such as Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. during a session

Need to play music during a presentation? There are several ways to do this in Samba Live.

We offer a functionality in the content library named "Web App". You can include a website in your content library and then share this—live—in a meeting.

Unfortunately, however, sites such as Spotify and Soundcloud don't allow their services to be shared in this format due to logins/permission issues.

Instead, what we recommend to do in this sort of case is to:
  1. Have the presenter use Google Chrome for the Samba Live session.
  2. Queue up a Chrome Tab with either Spotify or Soundcloud.
  3. Share their screen from within Samba Live and choose "Chrome Tab."
    Important: on the bottom left, there will be a small checkbox that
    says "share audio."
  4. If for any reason, a user needs to present his or her screen and also share audio, we recommend sharing the presenter's entire screen. Just remember: this will share everything, including potentially personal information (i.e. unexpected popup notifications.)

Note: this is only available for "Full Screen" and "Chrome Tab." This way, the presenter can still continue to share other content or media stored in the content library while also sharing a chrome tab screen.