Can I integrate Miro boards in Digital Samba?

Yes, Digital Samba allows for Miro board integration. Miro is an online whiteboard platform that helps you co-create and bring meetings to life. You can instantly open a Miro board in any Digital Samba meeting to brainstorm ideas, take notes, or visualize concepts together.

To embed a Miro board in a Digital Samba session, follow the steps below:

1. Use the following URL to embed a board:{board_id} 

Note: To obtain the board_id manually, open the Miro board in your browser. Copy the ID from the browser URL: 

 2. Once inside a Digital Samba session, insert the URL above (board ID included) in our Webapp option in the Content Library.

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If you're interested in audience collaboration, please verify that the proper sharing permissions have been enabled once you've added your Miro board to a Digital Samba session.  

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Quick tip: Check out Miro's documentation for further detail on how to embed boards in a live session.