I'm experiencing audio echo or feedback

Here are a few possible reasons for audio echo or audio feedback during a session:

  1. A participant has both computer and telephone audio active.
    If you join from a computer and call in from the telephone, please make sure you either enter your participant ID when calling in or enter your Participant ID# when already in the call or manually leave computer audio on your computer.
  2. Participants with computer or telephones speakers that are too close to each other.
    If another participant is too close to you, and both of you have speakers on, please leave the audio conference on one of the computers or hang up the telephone connections.
  3. Multiple computers with active audio in the same physical conference room.
    If you are in a conference room with multiple devices, please choose one primary device and disable (mute) computer audio from other devices.

Additional potential sources of an echo:

  • Speakers that are too loud.
  • A lousy microphone: is your microphone working on other programs?

Note: generally, if you are hearing echo, it means that there is a device out there that is channeling your audio back.

If you are experiencing echo issues, there is a possibility that a device is channeling your audio back. Follow these tips in case you face this type of issue:
  • If you are a speaker, you can mute participants individually, all at once, or only newcomers.
  • If you are a participant, you can mute yourself.

Computer Audio

If you are connecting to your session through your computer and experiencing echo and feedback issues, try the following recommendations:

  • USB/Bluetooth headset. Using a USB headset is recommended since its microphone is known for isolating background noise and might prevent echo issues. Bluetooth headsets are not recommended while in a Digital Samba session given that they can easily disconnect.
  • Microphone connection. Try unplugging your headset or standalone microphone from the computer and then replugging. If possible, try using a different USB port. In the case of a bluetooth headset, you can try to disconnect and reconnect to the computer.
  • Microphone placement. Be sure not to hold your microphone too close to your mouth. Keep all electronic devices away from your microphone and speakers to avoid echo or feedback.
  • Volume control. Lower the volume of your built-in speakers when in session since they might play back the sound that your computer microphone is picking up.
  • Background noise. When joining a session try to choose a quiet area to avoid any unwanted noise. If this isn’t possible use the mute feature while you aren’t speaking.

Telephone Audio.

If you are connecting to your session through your mobile device and experiencing echo and feedback issues, try the following recommendations:

  • Dial-in again. An unknown issue might have occurred. Try dialing in again to see if the connection is better.
  • Stop using speakerphone. For your comfort, we highly recommend using headphones when connecting to a session. Headphones are more unlikely to cause unwanted feedback.