Account Settings

In your Account Settings, you can customize your room link—yet another way to personalize your meetings and Digital Samba experience. You also can change your password and find important information such as dial-in settings. 

To access the account settings, please go to the tab on the top right-hand of your screen and click on the Welcome dropdown menu. Click Account Settings, and a screen like the one below will come up. 

Options in Account Settings

Options in Account Settings

1. My Room Link: you can customize this link with any name you would like your room to be called.  

Important: There's a direct association between your room link name and your username. Customizing your room link will modify your Digital Samba username.

2. Changing your password: change your account password when needed. 

3. Dial-In Settings: this option allows your meeting audience to dial in and attend your meeting over the phone.

4. Upgrading/Downgrading your account: you can upgrade or downgrade your account; in other words, you can choose another plan that better suits you.

5. Deleting your account: we are sorry to see you go! 

Note: both Delete account and Downgrade to free account will cancel any active payment subscriptions you may have with us.