Access (Advanced meeting options)

When creating a meeting, or after having created a meeting, you are able to select the type of access you'd like to grant your meeting: public or private. Several other privacy and access permission options are available. 

To access these features, click on Advanced Options and then choose the tab Access.

Access panel

  1. You have the choice to set the meeting to private or public.
    1. Private: only participants that are invited in advance can enter the meeting.
    2. Public: anyone with the URL (meeting link) can enter the meeting. You can define whether they enter as an Audience member or as a Speaker.
  2. Breakout rooms: assign audience users into various sub-groups.
  3. Turn on lobby: set up a lobby to control who enters the room during a meeting.
  4. Early meeting: control how early your participants can enter the meeting.
  5. Make visible on your public page: publish the meeting on your public page. Please see the Public Pages article for more information.
  6. Information after the meeting: request information from participants after the meeting. You can ask for their name, email, and company/institution.

Quick tip: once you have made changes, remember to save them by clicking on Save.