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Please refer to [] for details regarding the system requirements for the OnSync software.
For pricing information for our hosted service please take a look at [] We also offer on-premise licenses, if that is of interest. Contact us to receive a quote. [] Feel free to sign up for a free trial ...
The OnSync Enterprise Server License (ESL) will run on your existing server infrastructure, giving you full control over server access, security and bandwidth. You will need to provide a webserver and a communications server and possibly a third server for running the conversion component, unless you contract this as a cloud service from us. We are ve...
To get access to the API, you will need to be on our PROplan or above. You can review your options and can sign up here: [] Alternatively you may be interested in running your own server on your own infrastructure. You can contact Sales by submitting a ticket here [http:/...
Yes, we can arrange for a bank transfer for yearly accounts. Unfortunately this is not possible for monthly subscriptions.
We try to create a fair model that allows those users that do not use a lot of recordings (which take a lot of space on our server hard disk) and those that do use a lot both to have a pricing model that fits their usage. Our account limits are listed on this link below: [
You can sign up to an account on our buy-onsync page [] [] []
Yes, you can stop the payment anytime via your paypal account.
Our pricing and plans can be found here []
We have servers in Europe and Canada. Asia and hopefully other locations will be added at a later date.
Please refer to the page for a clarification of the different available versions. The FREE product is limited to 3 concurrent users per meeting.
Once registered, you do not have to register again. You will be automatically charged on the subscription date every month.
PRO plan and above account holders are able to replace all our logos with your own. Your customers will still know they are using a software by DigitalSamba because of two reasons: 1. The URL 2. Copyright messages in the footer of the application If you want a completely whitelabelled solution, it is something we can offer. It means running your ow...
Its the room capacity. 50 users = 50 attendees or 50 seats. Think of it as the size of a real life conference room.
Yes, you can host the webinar on your own domain ( and for that you need to purchase an enterprise server license (ESL) from us.
We only offer 30-day trials on new accounts that did not previously use the free user account. Unfortunately, we cannot offer 30-day free trials for customers who want to upgrade or switch plans that includes any upgrades from our free plan. If you create a new account and choose a paid plan in the process, you can cancel any time within 30 days of si...
Our prices depend on the maximum number of students you want to invite to your class. You can learn more about our payment plans: []
We use PayPal for secure shopping, all major credit cards accepted. Available payment methods may vary depending on your country. Annual plans enjoy a 15% discount and can be paid via bank transfer.
If a customer cancels his account his data may be deleted, we cannot promise to keep data for months of non-payment. A customer should keep his account open in this period, if he does not exceed the storage limits he can downgrade to a smaller account throughout this period. There is no minimum subscription period.
We do not offer per hour or per minute pricing.
You have the option to run a 30-day trial for all our 5 plans before choosing to buy. For example: If you are interested in eventually purchasing the 50 user plan, you should sign up for the 30-day trial of the 50 user plan from here: []
Yes, the invoice is automatically sent to the email address which you have registered with.
Yes, you can host the webinar on your own domain ( and for that you need to purchase an enterprise server license (ESL) from us.
Yes, you can. You can also contract the service for an entire year at a 15% discount if you prefer. Contracts are available here: []
Bank transfer is available for yearly subscriptions only (12 months or more). Please write us at or send us a support ticket [] to help you with the process and provide you with the proper information you need.
It depends on the concurrent user base of the deployment. Different license pricing applies. Prices start at EUR5000 + 20% maintenance / year. Please contact us through our support website [], so we can provide you with more information. We will be more than happy to help you.
You can change the credit card number you use for OnSync, through your PayPal account: * Log into your PayPal account []. * Click the "_My Account"_ tab. * From the "_Profile" _drop-down menu, choose "_Add or Edit Bank Account"_ or "_Add or Edit Credit Card"_.
This article provides information about taxes that are applicable to OnSync for EU customers. EUROPEAN UNION Digital Samba, SL is required to charge value added taxes (VAT) on sales of OnSync to private (non-business) European Union customers. All VAT collected from customers in the European Union will be paid to the tax authority of the appropriate...
30-day free trials are available for all plans. You will be able to use all the features that the paid plan offers, with no charge for 30 days. We use PayPal for secure checkout, all major credit cards accepted. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU WON’T BE BILLED UNLESS YOU KEEP YOUR PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION ACTIVATED PAST THE DURATION OF YOUR TRIAL_._ If you ...
We are sorry to hear that you wish to discontinue our services. Please let us know the reason behind your discontinuation request. We would appreciate your feedback to improve our services. To cancel your subscription, please do the following: * Log into your OnSync account. * Go to "Account Settings": ...
* Once an LDAP server is added in OnSync admin, any user on that LDAP directory can log into OnSync using their LDAP (or Active Directory) credentials * There is a "Group" feature where you can limit users that may log in to OnSync to that group. For example, your company LDAP contains 2000 employees, you create an "OnSync" group in your directory to ...
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