Common issues and recommendations for best OnSync experience
Posted by Conal Mullan on 11 September 2015 11:11 AM

"My Webcam and/or mic is not working."

 Depending on the room permissions setup by the meeting host - certain types of users may need to 'Request to Talk' before their camera's and mic become active. You can learn how to request this permission here: ->


"How do I adjust settings for my audio or video device."

You may need to switch your audio or video sources or want to modify their settings. You can learn how to do this here : ->


"I am having issues with stuttering video or audio."


Choppy video and/or audio can often be associated with having insufficient bandwidth to OnSync servers.

You can run a SystemCheck @ to determine the quality of your connection to our servers.

The results of this check can also be sent back to us for review.

If it is determined that lack of bandwidth is the likely cause of poor AV performance,  you can try to reduce bandwidth usage:

  • Reduce your video quality by using the Camera Preferences
  • If problems persist, turn off video and use audio only.
  • Avoid using ScreenShare and use file presentations via the Media Library instead. If you have to use screensharing, share only selected windows or single programs and make the windows smaller if you have a very big screen. This will reduce bandwidth usage.

Suggested bandwidth minimums & recommendations :

Audo: From 50 kbps upload/download (100 kbps recommended)

SD Video: From 100kbps upload/download (200 kbps recommended)

HD Video: From 500 kbps upload/download (1 mbps recommended)

Screensharing: From 800 kbps upload/download (1.5 mbps recommended)


Other possible explanations for poor audio/video performance:

High System resource usage - You can check for high system resource usage by looking in the performance tab in Task Manager. If you find CPU and/or memory usage at high levels 80%+ - you may see an improvement closing any other applications that you have open.

Using a wireless internet connection - Wireless internet connections are generally less reliable than wired ones. If available, we recommend using a wired connection particularly if your ISP provides limited bandwidth or obviously, if you are suffering performance issues whilst in a meeting session.


"I am hearing echos during the meeting."

 Please refer to this article ->


Recommendations for best possible meeting performance.


1 - Prepare shared content for your Media Library in advance of your meeting.

If you are planning to make use of the media library to share files with your meeting particpants - we recommend getting your files uploaded to the library in advance.

Powerpoint presentations are particularly demanding on our media convertors, try to keep your presentations optimized and try to keep any superflous content out of them as much as possible.


2 - Try to keep the number of concurrent webcam feeds in your meetings to less than 10.

Sharing and viewing webcam feeds is bandwidth intensive. Although, we don't limit the number of concurrent video windows in a session, we recommend keeping it to 10 or under for the best possible experience and to minimize the potential for any issues for everyone at your meeting. 


3 - Use a headset for VOIP meetings.

Audio quality for yourself and others in conference will improve if headsets are used where available.




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