How to submit bug reports to our support system
Posted by Sara Duran on 24 October 2014 02:46 PM

In a perfect world, software would be bug free. And in the same perfect world, you would be able to describe a problem to us with just a few words. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and bugs are a reality of software development. In order for us to be able to address them in a timely fashion, we need your help, and we’ve done our best to figure out how you can do that.

Ultimately, we need to be able to reproduce the problem you are experiencing. If we can reproduce it, we can fix it. If we can’t reproduce it, we can’t fix it. It's as simple as that.

Below we outline a bug squashing protocol that we ourselves follow internally. Please help us help you by following it carefully.

  1. The absolute best way to describe a problem to us is via a screen cast. There are various tools out there that will allow you to make a screencast. Our favorite (and free) tool is Jing by TechSmith:
  2. If the problem doesn’t lend itself to being captured with a screen cast, or if you are not in a position to install a screen cast tool, the next preferred piece of information is a screen shot, or a series of screenshots. Bonus points are given for annotated screenshots that highlight the problem areas.
  3. A picture is worth a thousand words, but perception is unique, so in addition to the above, please also leave us a few words describing the problem as you perceive it. We also need to know where the problem occurs, so make sure to give us a session link, and if applicable, access details.
  4. No matter how obvious the problem may seem to you, please always provide us with STR’s (steps to reproduce), even if you submitted a screen cast and/or screenshots. This is the meat of the report, and we will use these steps to try to reproduce the problem. Be overly detailed in this step. If it is a multi-user problem, make sure to indicate who does what, and who sees what. For example:
    - Log into the session with a moderator (User 1) > session link and access details
    - User 1 starts broadcasting audio via the top bar microphone audio
    - Log into the same session with a participant (User 2)
    - User 1 promotes User to to moderator
    - Problem >> User 2 does not see the broadcasting controls.
  5. We understand that it’s our job to fix bugs. That said, if you have already taken steps to troubleshoot the problem, let us know what they were. A seemingly insignificant piece of information could trigger an “aha” moment for our support representatives, which speeds things up.
  6. If the problem is experienced on a particular machine, or on various machines in the same environment (e.g. in the same network), do make sure to give us some system specs, including: operating system type and version, flash player version, browser type and version, etc. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to give us those details for your test machine as well, regardless of whether the problem is experienced on a wide array of machines besides your own.

Now what?

Following the above guidelines, please insert your answers into the bullet point list below, and then copy/paste the entire list into a ticket for us.

1. Link to screen cast:

2. Links to screen shots:

3. Problem details

a. Describe is the problem:

b. Session link:

c. Access details:

4. STR’s:

5. Troubleshooting steps already taken:

6. System info

a. Operating system, type and version:

c. Browser, type and version:

If our engineers are not able to reproduce the problem in our labs, we will have to schedule a time with you to access your computer (with your permission, of course) so that we can see the problem in action. We recommend the following tool:

Thank you for helping us fight bugs!

A special note to our partners:
Let's try to avoid ticket ping pong, so make sure to provide information for all bullets. We will bounce back tickets that do not contain sufficient detail. And please take the time to install a screen casting tool on your QA machines- it helps us more than you might think. 


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