Does Digital Samba support Polling functions and Surveys?
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Yes, you can conduct polls and also set your own feedback (Survey) page.

Polls are useful during a meeting if you want instant feedback on what is being presented. Polls can also be used at the end of a meeting to find out if participants felt the meeting, content, and presenters were high quality.

An account holder or moderator can use the polling synclet to create questions, or polls, for participants and to view the results. Only session hosts and moderator control polling management and how polls appear to meeting participants. Hosts can also cast votes. You can conduct one poll at a time.

If your account has the branding feature enabled, you can set an exit URL. You can send users to a webpage where you have set up a survey with a third party tool.

Create a poll:

Login into the session as a session host or moderator, If the Poll synclet is not displayed, click the "WORKSPACE" menu and select Poll to show the Poll synclet.

You can add multiple options for answers by checking the box "Allow multiple answers" below the question field.

Once input is received from the users for a poll, you can then conduct another poll.

The polling component allows participants to offer feedback or opinions.

First, turn on the Polling component (see directions above for showing/hiding components).

Click the Prepare button.

Click the first icon if you want the results to be displayed as a pie chart, or the second icon if you want the results to be displayed as a bar graph.

To add a question, click the third icon (paper with a green plus sign) and type the question in the input box that appears.

To add choices, click the last icon (numbered list with a green plus sign) for each choice. When you are finished entering your question and choices, click the Go Live button. To end voting, click the End Poll button.

You can scroll through the questions asked during the session by clicking the blue arrows at the top.

To delete a question, click the delete icon (red X). To delete a choice, click the delete icon (red X) next to it.

Edit a poll:

Note: If you edit an open poll, current results are lost.
1.Click Prepare in the bottom-left corner of the Polling synclet.
2.Edit the text.
3.Click Open.

View poll results:

As a host or moderator, you can view poll results. These results are updated in real time as participants continue to cast or change their votes. All polling results are display in the format of percentages.
The overall responses appear in the Poll pod. To view responses from individual participants, click "View Votes".

To show results of the poll to all your session attendies you need to check the box "Show results to everyone" on the polling synclet.

You can also email yourself the results by clicking the menu in the Polling Synclet and selecting email results.

Opening an Existing Poll:

Polls that have already been created in a session can be quickly re-opened. When a synclet is minimized/hidden, Onsync stores all of its information for easy retrieval.

To open an existing poll:

1. From the top menu bar, click the "WORKSPACE" menu and select(Checked) Poll.

You can also email polling results on your email id.
To do this click on "POLL" button at the Left hand side top of the polling synclet then select "Email Poll". it wil enable a field to enter the email id.
Default there will be your onsync account holder's email id, you can change it as per your conveinience. Enter your valid email id and click on "Ok".

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